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A number of years ago I was invited to a birthday party for my buddy  - a birthday party with a bit of a twist the flow of presents was from Cliff to each of the people that were invited.

He put a lot of thought into each of the presents, each of which was the result of observation and understanding. My gift,  was trust.

I never lived up to that birthday present, and could not trust people, could not believe that anyone would care for me, was telling me the truth or being even the slightest bit honest about why they socialized with me and called me friend.

Clearly, I was a failure as a person and had some major issues.

A little while ago everything became clear while I was hanging at the end of 75 feet of 9mm live rope, 50 feet of rope remaining and 30 feet above the ground below me. Oh yeah, it all became clear as I realized what the real problem was.

It was a few of the people around me - they were not trustworthy, they were not being honest, open or forthright. If I was cynical, guarded and cautious I was not a good person, I was not a team player, I was wrong, I did not love them. They were manipulators, users, agents of dischord.

Just a second - I can hang in the air on a hunk of rope connected to my harness though a figure 9 abseiler, the other end tied into a static piece of protection. I know that I am safe and will not fall. I trust the rope, my harness, and my ability to connect it all together.

Yeah... I can trust, I know how to trust, I always knew how to trust, and Cliff knew that.


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