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I can't remember their name or location, but somewhere there is a tribe of native people that believe a camera steals your soul. Silly people... or are they?

It's no secret that I am very self-concious and aware of my body image; I would think that given who I am and where I am in life that would not be very surprising, especially when you factor in the popular medical view of that an estrogen-progesterone cocktail rewires my thought process to think and react in a female manner.

Anyhow. Hair, facial features and hair, my height, shoe size amd voice all combine in a rather nasty manner at the best of times, and can send me running for a dark corner in social situations. Yet admist the 99.5% of photographs of myself that bring on a violent attack of tears, I have a few photographs of myself that I treasure.

Does the camera steal my soul? No, but maybe I offer a bit of my heart when I display photographs where I don't blend in. I do need some new photographs and will send them to you - in the mean time my special Pixie, I offer you the picture that I gave to my Mom to help her understand who her daughter was...

I really like this one as it seems to be a very serene me.

And this one - well, it's a big piece of my soul...

A little dove who adores her Pixie


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