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A look at why I was ready to burst into tears

Before I get into the events of the day, I want to share a picture of Charlotte Katherine at work. I'm a true little geekette with some humma-humma ding dong computers, mandatory Timmy-Ho's coffee cup and a few pictures of Natalie.

Just to help the simians out I have a picture of myself on one desktop, a picture of Nats and a friendly reminder regarding my name on the other. That's a bottle of obsession to help hide the odour of stinky boys.

Today was really messed up in terms of continuity and fairness. To start the day off I get a phone call from my borg to let me know that the LM borg is concerned that I "may be spending too much time idling". Huh?

Despite my questioning, there was no example of what "idling", when I idle or how much time I spend on it. The only help I get is a reminder that billing 7.5 means working 7.5 and an admonishment to work extra time if I go to the washroom at any time other than lunch. Frig.

So the phone call is followed up with an email to me and HR outlining the above conversation - do you really want to go there with me is the tone of my reply as I point out that while I do pee fairly often, I don't take the two 15 minute paid cofffee breaks and when I take 30 minutes for lunch, it is 30 minutes and not 50, 90 or 120. Ohh... do you people really want to go there with me? In other words, we can play a game of compare the people tracker log vs billed time for the entire frikking facility if you keep this up!

Excuse me.

The next is a summons to the military boss to have a chat with him and the borg. "Some people are having a hard time understanding you and are afraid that jocularity will offend you so don't be jocular." Frik - then tell your little cry babies to not be jocular with me and to not initiate banter about me, my name, my gender or my tits. I quietly go about doing my thing and don't speak to people unless spoken to. At the same time, the military boss and the borg are joking about how it would be okay for me to date military people in the building. I beg your pardon?

The next is the washroom bit - I just want to pee you dumbasses...

And then finally in an amazing act of fuck with my head, DND tells the LM borg that they expect me to sign off on documents as Charlotte K Bickford. LM has a bird as my legal name is still yada dada and I get another phone call from my borg about not upsetting LM. 




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