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You'll probably never see remembering names, dates and phone numbers on the list of things that I am skilled at - that being said I did recognize three people last night, people that I have met several times but have not seen for a few months.

A triage nurse, an emergency room doctor and a trauma nurse. Yup - I recognized them and they remembered me from my last visit which was as a result of a lost epi-pen, a wasp and anaphylactic shock. This time there was no wasp but I was just as scared as I was bleeding - not a little bit but lots.

The same area has the same damn granulation tissue and holy moly I'm really tired of this.

I had seen Barwin a few weeks previously, which resulted in him suggesting I try Bactroban on the granulation tissue. No change. I emailed Brassard about it Friday morning and at his request sent him some images of the area later in the day. No reply yet.

Around 5:30 pm I started bleeding profusely, with a drip, drip on the floor and into the toilet. Off to the hospital, into the ER and a look by the nice doctor. He asks if I have been having lots of sex - the area is raw, red, torn and, as they like to say, angry. This time he thinks I have a fungal infection and possibly a staph infection so he had the nice trauma nurse (a guy and he's cute) plumb me up and shoot an IV cocktail of antibiotic, antifungal and a few other goodies into me. Owie.

Today it's off to get three prescriptions filled - this time I will be on the antibiotic and antifungal for 30 days. If I don't improve rapidly it will be IV delivery to kick my system into gear.

10 Months - I'm tired of this,
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